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Local Web Designers Make BETTER Local Websites

St. Clairsville is filled with successful businesses and entrepreneurs. Competition can be stiff and you need every advantage you can get. We work with local businesses and understand the market and what you need to put on your website to WIN.

Why does local content matter? Unless you are selling products online, we want our LOCAL community to come and support your business. The content you put on your page makes the difference. Content made for a national brand and a local company can be WAY different.

Eric Hersey is a Belmont College graduate in DESIGN. We know from experience you don't have to come from an art school in Pittsburgh or from New York to create beautiful, effective web design. We work with the best local web designers and graphic artists to bring your vision on to the screen.

Web Development is complex. What happens if your simple drag-and-drop website editor doesn't have a solution for you? Call us and we can deliver your custom made solution. The technology of your website is important. Don't try and duct-tape solutions together. Let us craft a solution that will help your business grow.

Attract St. Clairsville Customers with a St. Clairsville Made Website

Not that we're complaining, but it's hard to find a quality web designer in St. Clairsville and the Ohio Valley. You are stuck with freelancers that have a "real job" or design agencies that think you have the budget of Bordas & Bordas.

We have been making websites since 1999 but also keep our product lean and affordable.

St. Clairsville Web Design Services

We know your brand and your competition. We even know who you called to get quotes. Let’s spend time on your website and not tracking down logins, credentials, and files.

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Small Business Web Design

There are so many small businesses in Belmont County! We want to help you all. Our motto is “Make a Better Web for the Ohio Valley”. We understand that the better the small business websites are, the more we can take away from the big-box bad guys.

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Responsive Web Design

There’s a good chance you are reading this on your mobile device. Nearly 80% of your website traffic will come from a phone. Kids at the Ohio Valley Mall or hanging out at a Red Devils game will be searching for you. Responsive websites are crucial to convert to customers.

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eCommerce Websites

Maybe you have a shop in Historic Downtown St. Clairsville or operating out of your house – an eCommerce store is a great possibility. With the technology advances in the last few years, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work Shopify or WooCommerce. It does take some skill to set it up for people to find you. We can help.

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WordPress Websites

WordPress is powering more and more websites everyday. This powerful content management system gives YOU, the user without coding ability, a chance to make updates. Spend your extra money at Tilt Arcade and never have to worry about paying overpriced hourly charges to a developer…just to change the hours of your shop.

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Custom Web Design

We will make your website as unique as your individual business. Unless you are a Cracker Barrel and all look the same, this statement makes sense. Every website we create is customized so it doesn’t look like the last three websites we have in our “portfolio” section.

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Affordable Web Design

Websites can be tricky. What is expensive for you might be affordable for others… We get that. Since you can’t walk into your local Staples and price shop the cost of websites, we offer transparent prices. We don’t try to figure out how much you CAN spend…we just offer the price that is a win/win for both parties.

Design for the User and the Bot.

It takes strategy to get users to your website. It takes creativity to stop the scroll.
Right Brain. Left Brain. Total Mind Control.

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Steubenville Web Design Packages

Your Website is your #1 Marketing Tool. A brand new website that will last you years will cost less than your typical advertising package with WTRF, Lamar, WTOV, or Cable Advertising.

Web Design Services & More

Your website is the foundation for your digital marketing. But sometimes you need more than an exceptional website to dominate your market.

Eric Hersey Web Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Don’t you wish there were more local St. Clairsville content? Don’t just leave it to WTOV or the Times Leader. Create your own local content and attract customers to your digital doorstep.

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Search Engine Optimization

You really don’t care about your website. Honestly, you just want people to find it so you can keep those phones ringing or doors opening. We know that. We focus on building your ranks on search, which is a process that most designers forget about.

Eric Hersey Web Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a huge part of any digital marketing plan. We know who the major players are in the Ohio Valley and what tactics work in Saint Clairsville. Become one of the Ohio Valley influencers.

Eric Hersey Web Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Marketing online comes in many formats. From display ads to influencer marketing, find out what tactics are helping businesses grow. There are plenty of options in St. Clairsville. We just so happen to know the most affordable and best.

Eric Hersey Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Analytics are the gateway to getting a better ROI. Use your website tools to show where people are coming from, how they are looking at your website, and what channels are driving you the most valuable customers.

Eric Hersey Web Email Marketing

Email Marketing

There is nothing more important than generating your own email list and controlling your message. Forget the algorithms and segment your audience so you can deliver your message to all of your contacts in St. Clairsville at the press of a button.