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Eric Hersey Web Design Uses Analytics and Creativity to Help Your Website Achieve New Goals.

Meet Eric Hersey, Web Designer and Digital Marketer
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Attract Customers

Your website is your #1 marketing tool. Help customers find you with proper web design techniques and optimization.

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Marketing Strategy

A pretty design is not enough to make you rank #1. Before you import one photo or write any copy, you need a strategy for success.

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Clear Communication

Don't worry. You don't have to speak our language - we need to speak yours. We keep you in the loop during the entire web design process.

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Right Brain. Left Brain. Total Mind Control.

Design for the User and the Bot.

If you want to grow your audience, you need search engines help. Designing and developing websites just for search engines will get you visitors, but won’t land you any new customers.

PEOPLE visit your website. Having a great user experience is imperative for growing trust and converting that lead into a sale.

You can accomplish both – earn the #1 rank and earn the sale.

We Ask the Right Questions to Understand Your Industry so We Can Attract Your Customer

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Content First

Without content, there is no substance. We design around your content, so your words are highlighted - not some silly stock photo of guys shaking hands.

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What do you want your website to DO? Can we save you time with automation? We have the tools and technology to make your world easier and more efficient.

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Timely Deliverables

We do what we say we are going to do. That means we deliver projects on-time and exactly the way we drafted it up. From wireframes to finished websites, we keep you involved and engaged.

Eric Hersey Web Design is Making a Better Web for the Ohio Valley

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Stop Dragging and Dropping. Spend time on your business and not playing Web Designer.

Web Design Agency Without the Ridiculous Cost

Don’t be alarmed. Just because the business is named after one guy doesn’t mean Eric Hersey is the only one doing the work. Eric Hersey Web Design is an optimized web design agency built on flexibilty.

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Web Design Prices Designed to Save

Pay for expertise and resources, not for glass offices and bloated administrative staff. Eric Hersey Web Design has built up a team of experts in Graphic Design, Social Media, Video Production, Web Analytics, and Digital Marketing. When you need a specialist, we can bring them onboard.

Eric Hersey has cultivated a team of professionals that are ready to help make your web design project stand out and attract.

Roles of a Web Designer

Creating a website is more detailed than most think. It’s not the 15-minute process that national advertisers tout. Even though there are multiple roles, we keep the process easy so you only have to wear one hat – the approver.

Web Design Never Stops

Technology keeps evolving. Web Design techniques, standards, and best practices continue to change. We keep up with the changes so you don’t have to – and we document our findings just for you.