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I’m a Web Designer and Digital Marketer from Wheeling, West Virginia. I work with small business owners and brands, creating websites that increase their online visibility.

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Expertise & Experience

In a world where everyone is a “web designer”, you have to do some digging to find out who is reputable and has experience.

Web Design Experience
Web Design

I made my first official website when I was a Freshman in High School. I’ve since launched hundreds of websites and thousands of individual web pages.

Web Development Experience
Web Development

Web Development can be tricky. For the sake of this paragraph, we are counting development when I graduated from basic HTML and web builders. The world opened up when I found CSS, PHP, and Javascript.

Digital Marketing Experience
Digital Marketing

SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Email, Analytics, and so much more. At one time I built websites to be interactive brochures – now they are so much more. Your website is just a piece of the ever-expanding online puzzle.

Eric Hersey's Work and Thoughts

If actions are louder than words, then Case studies and blogs are better than standard headings and paragraphs.

Eric Hersey is Making a Better Web
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