Affordable Websites Created by Ohio Valley Born and Raised

Local Web Designers Make BETTER Local Websites

Avoid driving through the tunnels and paying thousands of dollars more for the same quality website you can get from someone in your hometown. We make GREAT local websites.

Local websites are different than national brands. Do you need a local Weirton page? How do you target customers from St. Clairsville or Wheeling? Can you get people from Pittsburgh to your site. YES. But it all comes down to creating QUALITY local content.

We have amazing designers here in Weirton, West Virginia. We work with talented designers from EGCC, Franciscan, and West Virginia Northern Community College. Design matters - but you don't have to break the bank to earn click-worthy pages.

What do you want your website to do? Our answer is YES. We have the tools, technology, and talent to make sure your website is your #1 marketing tool. Forms, calendars, stores, - everything you want to make your life easier. Our WV team can make it happen.

Building Websites That Attract Weirton Customers

Vetting large agencies in bigger cities is frustrating. Developing a website shouldn't stress you out.

You have a local Weirton option ready to help. Ditch your trial and work with the professionals.

Take a vacation with your savings and avoid paying the large web design agencies.

Web Design Services - Right Here in Weirton

It’s very likely that we already know your brand and your competition. We know your other vendors (printing, marketing, IT). Let’s spend time on your website and not tracking down logins, credentials, and files.

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Small Business Web Design

All you need to do is outrank your competitor. Small Business companies in Weirton, West Virginia have to be #1 in Weirton, West Virginia. We know how to use local web design tactics to help you convert your local users.

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Responsive Web Design

Having a responsive website means it looks amazing on every screen. Not only does it look great, it WORKS great. We make websites that transform to the users screen – even if it’s a first generation iPhone.

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eCommerce Websites

Whether you are a small business selling products or just looking to make some extra money by selling company merchandise, we can set you up with an easy to use eCommerce store.

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WordPress Websites

Looking for a professional option where you can make the updates day-to-day. WordPress might be your solution. Not only do we create beautiful designs, that rank on search, we also provide you with helpful tutorials so you and your staff can make the updates (without knowing any code).

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Custom Web Design

A custom website is not that intimidating and not that hard. We don’t need to build everything from scratch for custom solutions. If you want to avoid your site looking like a TON of others made in the valley, we will never duplicate a previous design.

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Affordable Web Design

We want to Make a Better Web for the Moundsville. This means we need better websites for mom-and-pops and start-up businesses. You don’t have to drop 5 or 6 figures to get a website that will make you 5 or 6 figures.

Design for the User and the Bot.

It takes strategy to get users to your website. It takes creativity to stop the scroll.
Right Brain. Left Brain. Total Mind Control.

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Weirton Web Design Packages

Your Website is your #1 Marketing Tool. A brand new website that will last you years will cost less than your typical advertising package with Lamar, WTOV 9, or iHeartRadio.

Web Design Services & More

Your website is the foundation for your digital marketing. But sometimes you need more than an exceptional website to dominate your market.

Eric Hersey Web Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Don’t you wish there were more local Weirton content? Don’t just leave it to the newspaper and WTOV. Create your own local content and attract customers to your digital doorstep.

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Search Engine Optimization

Ranking on Google can turn your business into an industry leader in Weirton. With a little bit of strategy and some expert advice, you can find yourself getting all of the organic leads.

Eric Hersey Web Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a huge part of any digital marketing plan. We know who the major players are in the Ohio Valley and what tactics work in Weirton. Become one of the Ohio Valley influencers.

Eric Hersey Web Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Marketing online comes in many formats. From display ads to influencer marketing, find out what tactics are helping businesses grow. There are plenty of options in Weirton. We just so happen to know the most affordable and best.

Eric Hersey Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Analytics are the gateway to getting a better ROI. Use your website tools to show where people are coming from, how they are looking at your website, and what channels are driving you the most valuable customers.

Eric Hersey Web Email Marketing

Email Marketing

There is nothing more important than generating your own email list and controlling your message. Forget the algorithms and segment your audience so you can deliver your message to all of your contacts in Wheeling at the press of a button.