Your Website Sucks. My Website Sucks. Everyone’s Website Sucks.

Your Website Sucks. My Website Sucks. Everyone's Website Sucks.

Imagine a world where everyone’s website is horrible. No, we didn’t travel back in time to 1999. We are in the present day.

Eric, how can you say everyone has a bad website?

Guys, I’m not the one saying you have a bad website. Granted, I wrote an article about how you can tell if you need a new website. Usually needing a new website means your current website sucks, but like the title of this blog – everyone’s website sucks.

How Bad Is My Site?

Even though a lot of SEO tools out there give your website a grade (domain authority), that’s not the only way we can tell if your site is garbage. The domain authority is an indicator of how you rank on the web. Having a high score usually means you show up in Google and Bing searches. The goal is to be 100/100. Most of us will never see that score.

Even my beloved Walt Disney World doesn’t have a perfect 100 – and they own Star Wars and Marvel!

I know you, perfectionists, out there just got a nasty feeling in your gut. What do you mean I will never get a perfect score? It upsets me too, especially since my job is making websites. But we are being graded on a scale. Unless Sally screws it up for everyone and aces that pop-quiz, we just have to be better than the kid that was sleeping in class.

How to Increase My Domain Authority Score

Now, remember, domain authority is a number created by search engine tools and we have no clear indication from the search engines that this number is completely accurate. But, we are dealing with smart people and I think having a number to indicate progress is a positive thing. A few factors that increase your domain authority are:

  • Producing quality content, consistently
  • Building relationships with top brands and influencers, who then link to your quality content
  • Optimizing your content to generate traffic and positive feedback

Okay, so if you were looking for a quick fix answer, sorry – maybe there are other blogs out there that want to feed you those lines. I’m a firm believer that good content is the foundation for a high score.

My DA is the best in the market – guess what, your website still sucks

Yeah, your website is a 26 and the next best is a 14. You feel pretty good, don’t you? That was the first quiz of many.

I mentioned in a previous blog how you can use some handy tools to get a website grade for speed. More often than not, your website gets a pretty lousy grade. Please tell me that these tests are on a scale also?!

The answer isn’t as clear. Once again, you don’t have to be perfect but it sure does help to have a passing grade.

Your website speed helps determine who finds your website (search engine ranking) and more importantly who actually stays on your website. If your site takes too long to load, you will see the majority of your audience leave. After two seconds, you start seeing people drop off. After five seconds, just close up shop.

Disney – get your stuff together. I am sure you have some money to pay a good developer to help with your website speed.

Why doesn’t everyone just optimize their site for speed?

There is a cost to being pretty. Maybe a bigger cost goes to things that are easy. I’ve made many websites that scored perfect or near-perfect on website speed tests. The difference was it took months and months and they lacked many of the bells and whistles we expect on a modern website. Also, when I wanted to make changes – I had to pull up the code and make changes without any fancy widget or backend.

Content Management Systems like WordPress can slow sites down. They also allow you to make changes without worrying about putting a closing bracket in the right place. The same can be said with fancy animation and functionality. The more you add, the slower the site gets.

Lose/Lose/Lose Situation

If my site is pretty, it’s probably slow. My site is fast, it probably lacks functionality and ease of use. If I managed to hack the system, I probably paid way too much for my site.

What do I do?

Honestly, you do what is best for the user. If your site takes 15 seconds to load because you wanted a video on the homepage, you take the video off. If your site can’t get the emotion across to your users but loads in half a second, add a video. Your goal isn’t to be 100% on speed tests. Your goal is to convert users to customers.

What other tests indicate that my site sucks?

Truth be told, most of these tools are used for evil. A salesperson gets a hold of speed test and sends you the result. All of that red means you should spend money to fix the problem. If you score well on a speed test, the salesperson finds a new test that will show you as failing. There is a test out there that will make sure your website looks like it sucks.

Oh no! Not everything is green – you better hand over thousands of dollars for a new website. Or maybe Eric Hersey can fix you up in fifteen minutes.

Don’t be fooled.

Scoring poorly is not a good thing but sometimes it doesn’t matter. If I asked you who right now who was the MVP of Super Bowl XII and you missed, would you consider yourself a loser? I should hope not. Your website not deferring JavaScript probably won’t cost you thousands either.

Having someone that knows the difference between what matters and doesn’t matter helps. It isn’t the only reason to do business, but the little tips could help you show up on a search and close a deal.

Even though your website sucks, remember my website sucks also and even if I make you a new one, it will still suck.

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Eric Hersey

Eric Hersey is a Wheeling Web Designer and Digital Marketing Specialist that has been working in graphic and web design since 1999. He has applied his techniques and knowledge to help craft his own personal brand and hobby sites – but has also helped many brands and businesses grow online using powerful organic search tactics.