Best Web Design Company in Arizona

Best Web Design Arizona

As part of my on-going series where I look for the best web design companies in each state, we land on our third state (alphabetical) – Arizona. Now I maybe a Web Design Company in West Virginia, but I will gladly lend my expertise and critical eye to what shows up on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and to see if the search engines have it right.

The Rules: Reminder

I’m not reviewing every single website provided for web designers in Arizona (that would be silly). Instead, I will use popular search engines and highly sought search terms.

  • Google – using the term “Best Web Design Company (state)”
  • Bing – “Web Design Firms (state)”
  • Duck Duck Go – “Web Design Agency (state)
  • – “Top Web Design Companies (state)”

Since mobile design and browsing are important, I’m reviewing all of these sites on mobile.

Other things to consider:

  • Speed
  • Reviews
  • Functionality
  • Originality

This is part of my ongoing series – Best Web Design A-Z

Arizona: The State

Arizona is known for its stunning desert landscapes, rugged canyons, and vibrant cities. You may have heard of the Grand Canyon (I say sarcastically). Yes, one of the world’s most famous natural wonders is located in Arizona. Millions of visitors make it to Arizona each year to check out this giant hole in the earth. But that’s not the only reason to visit. Snowbirds make their way to Arizona to escape the cold, since the state’s climate is hot and dry. Although Summers are hot, Winters are mild.

Phoenix is the largest city and if you are kid from the 90s get nostalgic vibes and think of Charles Barkley in a Suns jersey. You might also know this city because it’s their state capital and many of us had to learn this in grade school. The city is known for its impressive skyline and thriving arts scene. Does that mean we will see some awesome web design companies from Phoenix? We can only hope.

Tucson, Arizona is best known for being the home of JoJo from the famous Beatles song “Get Back”. All kidding aside, Tucson is the second-largest city in Arizona and is surrounded by mountain ranges. The outdoor types might like hiking these mountains. If you are more like me and prefer indoor attractions, you can check out the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum – or some of the downtown art galleries.

Research shows that art exists in Arizona. Wonder if we will see this translated into the websites of their best web design agencies? Let’s hope.

Caine the Brain looking over the artistic Phoenix Arizona

Best Web Design Company Arizona – Google

Best Web Design Company Arizona

Google results provide the Google Business Profile Map Pack and also organic results. We won’t be looking at Google Sponsored Ads or any informational results – simply web design companies.

Scottsdale Website Design

  • Search: #1 on Google Business Profile for “Best Web Design Company Arizona”
  • Location: Scottsale, AZ
  • Website:
  • Preferred CMS: WordPress (based on client portfolio)
  • Price Range: $3,000-$5,000
  • Mobile PageSpeed: 47
  • Google Reviews: 4.8 (29 reviews)

Scottsdale Website Design appears to be more of an SEO company than a web design company. Don’t get me wrong, they make websites. They have plenty of websites on their portfolio, but most of the copy and tactics appear that they really want to focus on SEO (which I might add, is not a bad thing).

The website worked well on mobile. They have an accessibility option, but it hides the hamburger menu until you scroll. Everything else on the website operated smoothly and loaded fast.

I appreciate their transparency in pricing. They list their website, SEO, and branding costs. They seem very reasonable and I would trust their knowledge with SEO. They seem to be practicing content marketing – with posts that were created with SEO in mind.

The only downfall I have with the site is their lack of personal touch. There wasn’t a photo of the team, owner, or anything that was obviously personalized. They opted for the stock photo routine, which makes the website seem more manufactured. 

Scottsdale Web Design

  • Search: #2 on Google Business Profile for “Best Web Design Company Arizona”
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Website:
  • Preferred CMS: Unknown
  • Price Range: Unknown
  • Mobile PageSpeed: 38
  • Google Reviews: 5.0 (50 reviews)

Scottsdale Web Design, not to be confused with Scottsdale Website Design, really wants you to click on the Free Website Analysis button. I’m all for having call to actions on your page, but I think having it after every section is a bit overkill.

At first, I thought we were going to have a strong contender for the best web design company in Arizona, but after further review, I’m not so sure. Once you reach the bottom of the website, you see the list of doorway pages for every major city in America. Ugh…not my favorite thing to see.

The landing pages are actually the best representation of their company. It lists some of their staff, testimonials, and highlights their services. The actual service and home page were redundant and littered with stock photography. 

Although they are using SEO tactics, it’s almost too much. Granted, it’s a competitive world out there but I think showcasing their skills and personality would be a better way to differentiate. They say and do the same things as every other company – which means I would likely base my decision on price (which is not readily listed).

My Favorite Web Designs

  • Search: #3 on Google Business Profile for “Best Web Design Company Arizona”
  • Location: Mesa, AZ
  • Website:
  • Preferred CMS: WordPress
  • Price Range: $600-$1,500
  • Mobile PageSpeed: 69
  • Google Reviews: 5.0 (106 reviews)

My Favorite Web Designs is probably My Favorite Web Design company in Arizona – thus far. Although the website isn’t miraculous or overly artistic, they do a great job outlining what they do, their process, and who you will be working with. They display their owner and he talks directly to the user about his journey and their mission. 

Their homepage was the right mix of content and media. They utilize video and custom graphics to tell their story. I especially liked how the staff team was laid out, indicating the specialties of each staff member with visual icons (I’ll steal this for my site).

Is this website perfect? No. I found some odd broken links on the contact page. Although they had a blog, the content was not great for reading (large chunks of text – should have been split up for easier reading). That’s me nitpicking.

They list their hourly pricing on the website – which is interesting. Prices are fair and I would feel confident with this company. 

Web Design Firms Arizona – Bing

Let’s forget to use “best” or “top”. How about we just find out what organic Bing results show up for web design firms.

Web Design Phoenix

  • Search: #1 Bing Organic for “Web Design Firms Arizona”
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Website:
  • Preferred CMS: Unknown
  • Price Range: Unknown
  • Mobile PageSpeed: 63
  • Google Reviews: Unknown (Unable to locate local profile)

Web Design Phoenix is more than just a web design company. I was happy to see they had a video right on the homepage explaining their process. Unlike many web design companies, they charge a monthly fee and handle more than just the website build. It’s an intriguing offer, but I fear is not made for everyone.

Their claim is the cost is less than “an entry level employee”. I can see this being a valuable tool, but not if you just want a redesign or an new build. 30k+ for a website – that would be a tough sell. Launching a website in 30-days and tweaking along the way is not a horrible approach, but they certainly have to be very process driven to make this happen seamlessly. 

One thing is for sure, Web Design Phoenix practices what they preach. The website has resources (free opt-in downloads), blogs, and plenty of content rich pages – all helping their SEO efforts. They sprinkle in their main video explaining value driven website design, but there isn’t a ton of “life” elsewhere. The website doesn’t feature their team, mostly text and stock graphics. 

I would be interested in hearing their pitch, especially if I’m in the market for an ad agency.


  • Search: #2 Bing Organic for “Web Design Firms Arizona”
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Website:
  • Preferred CMS: WordPress
  • Price Range: Unknown
  • Mobile PageSpeed: 28
  • Google Reviews: 5.0 (58 reviews)

HireAWiz does a lot of things right on their website. All of their pages have a consistent layout and easy to navigate after figuring out the flow. They list most of their benefits and features with headlines and corresponding paragraphs. It was super easy to skim and get the gist of what they were offering. 

They are not just a web design company, but a digital agency offering SEO, social media, and paid ads. Truthfully, I always feel more comfortable with companies that get the entire digital picture. I would rather work with a team that specializes in SEO than logos, but that’s because I am more worried about web traffic and ROI. Speaking of, I loved their case studies and even how they offered client testimonial videos. That does a great job for social proof. 

On the bad news, at the time of researching, their last blog was from 2019. Even if they don’t need or care to get new customers from content marketing, it’s one of those things you should invest in for perception. They seem to be big on offering pro bono work for non-profits, a great thing to do, but spend at least an hour a month and post some new content.

Overall, I would have loved to see some pricing and an occasional photo from the staff or team. It probably would have made a difference if I was legitimately shopping – knowing who I would be working with and a ballpark price. 


  • Search: #3 Bing Organic for “Web Design Firms Arizona”
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Website:
  • Preferred CMS: Custom
  • Price Range: Unknown
  • Mobile PageSpeed: 86
  • Google Reviews: 3.8 (12 reviews)

Primeview started off on a bad foot. The chat window and the privacy pop up conflicted and I was stuck with both of these being stuck on the bottom of my phone…but let’s move beyond that. Okay, maybe I need to vent a little more. I appreciate the accessibility option on the side of the screen, but when it’s also mixed with a large phone button the top right, the entire screen is covered with Interstitials. It becomes a major problem when you’re trying to use the menu and expand anything in the top two links. 

Now, with that out of the way, I think Primeview is a good looking website and they appear to be a good agency. The design looks professional and modern. They provide all types of digital marketing services and their portfolio pages look good.

Primeview is blogging, but their news section is a bit rough (some very pixelated images). When you check out the about page, you see some references to the owner but no visual indicators of staff or members of the team. There’s no pricing or real clear direction of CMS. 

Truthfully, I had a very hard time navigation the mobile site because of the distractions. Give me back some screen space and I’ll try researching again. 

Web Design Agency Arizona

Web Design Agency Arizona – DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo won’t focus on local results in Arizona. Maybe we won’t just see Phoenix businesses in the results. Let’s see how the results pan out.

Arizona Web Design

  • Search: #7 on DuckDuckGo Organic for “Web Design Agency Arizona”
  • Location: Unknown (Doesn’t appear to be a real Arizona Web Design Company)
  • Website:
  • Preferred CMS: Unknown
  • Price Range: $900-$1,600
  • Mobile PageSpeed: 81
  • Google Reviews: Unknown (Unable to locate local profile)

I really thought I found a possible favorite, but with each drag of my finger a scroll of the page, I noticed something fishy. The graphics appeared to be custom illustrations and I was really digging to the homepage and then…lorem ipsum. Yes, dummy text right there. 

I thought it must have been an overlook. But a few more scrolls and there was more! Then I clicked on the footer navigation menus and they were all placeholder links. What was going on here? 

I started to read the copy. It was very keyword heavy and about as “marketing speak” as one could get. I head to the About page and click on an embedded link about pricing. Guess what? It directs us to another website based out of Massachusetts. 

Well my friends, this company doesn’t appear to be legit. Well, I mean, they are legit in MA but lifted all of their information to spin an Arizona web design company website.

I don’t know. With these red flags or shortcuts (dummy text and links), I would keep searching.

Avenue 25

  • Search: #8 on DuckDuckGo Organic for “Web Design Agency Arizona”
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Website:
  • Preferred CMS: Unknown
  • Price Range: Unknown
  • Mobile PageSpeed: 42
  • Google Reviews: 4.8 (41 reviews)

We have an early favorite. Avenue 25 does a TON of things right. Right from the start, there are some wow factors on the website. The design looks fresh and the graphics and imagery are unique and original. You see humans, real humans on their pages. Visiting the about page shows the entire staff and allows you to better understand their skills and a glimpse into their personality. They got it right and I would feel comfortable with their staff and ability to build a brand.

Although I’m not sure the price of their services, they offer more than just web design and warrant a higher price tag. When you look at their work, you can tell they make a difference for companies and their brands. They showcase their projects and customize each page – putting in the extra effort to make the page unique and special.

Would I love to know a bit more about what platforms they use? Yes. Pricing would be helpful, but they’ve earned the right for me to give them a call and ask them after a meeting. 

Lifted Websites

  • Search: #11 on DuckDuckGo Organic for “Web Design Agency Arizona”
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Website: 
  • Preferred CMS: WordPress
  • Price Range: Unknown
  • Mobile PageSpeed: 42
  • Google Reviews: 4.8 (4 reviews)

As we work our way down the list, I’m starting to get frustrated by having to figure out if it’s really an Arizona web design company or a lead generating site for another company. has me asking. Ugh!

A few signs that this is just a lead gen site is the fact that we have no images of the owner or staff. The about page basically just gives you links to some social profiles. I decided to jump off of the page to check the Facebook. Not sure if I would trust a page with only 32 followers. Seems to me these pages were created as a mirage. 

The footer has some random keyword stuffed links – a few even directing yon to completely different web marketing sites. Face palm. 

Let’s just say we want to give them a call. How about their services? The service page is filled with your standard “web talk” and the read more buttons – they don’t work. Why even ask about pricing at this point?

Move on.

Top Web Design Companies Arizona –

Sher Agency

  • Search: #1 on for “Top Web Design Companies Arizona”
  • Location: Tucson, AZ
  • Website:
  • Preferred CMS: WordPress
  • Price Range: Unknown
  • Mobile PageSpeed: 64
  • Google Reviews: 5.0 (27 reviews)

There’s something refreshing about a web design company that just offers web design services. Everything on the website is streamlined and only has to deal with creating a website. Sher Design offers a great mobile web experience on their site, which is always a great sign when shopping for a web designer.

So my main concern is that there is no clear evidence that this is an actual Arizona Web Design Company. From looking at the site, there was no abundant sign, which is perfectly fine. If you don’t want to limit yourself to Arizona, why list your address. A quick brand search showed that they are located in Tucson so we are all clear.

The best part of this site might be their clarity for their web design process. Right from the start they give you an intro video that gives a pretty good synopsis. They also allowed me to skim the content to understand. You certainly feel confident in their process by the time you finish. 

I was happy with most of their question and answers. They make WordPress websites, but no real indication of how much. This seems to me that would be one of the obvious first questions. I know each website is different, but there is certainly a range. 

This website was impressive and they do a great job explaining their product and would be worth a call. 

IVIO Agency

  • Search: #2 on for “Top Web Design Companies Arizona”
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Website:
  • Preferred CMS: Unknown
  • Price Range: Unknown
  • Mobile PageSpeed: 26
  • Google Reviews: 4.9 (18 reviews)

IVIO Agency looks great. They have a clean, minimal design and highlight the clean look with unique and original photography. This Arizona digital marketing company does more than just websites. They offer branding support and I trust they do a good job. They easily invoke their own brand voice and look throughout the website. It does not come off as a cookie cutter design or AI developed copy. 

When I want to steal an idea for my site, that’s the ultimate praise. They showcase their websites and instead of linking to the site or showing a static image, they showcase a video of them scrolling. This is pretty genius and the first time I’ve seen this done on a site. I also enjoyed the client profiles. They customized each link graphic and they almost seemed like a mobilized version of the site. 

I struggled slightly getting a few of the mobile links to work. The video on their web design service page did not work – and it was a struggle to get the actual web design service page to load. There was no clear indication that the graphic was a link. But I won’t condemn the site based on this one issue. 

How much do they cost? I don’t know. Would I call them to find out? Absolutely. 

Blacksmith Agency

  • Search: #3 on for “Top Web Design Companies Arizona”
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Website:
  • Preferred CMS: Unknown
  • Price Range: Unknown
  • Mobile PageSpeed: 46
  • Google Reviews: Unknown (Unable to locate local profile)

Blacksmith Agency was a great looking website with a clever theme. They blended the design process with the process of shaping metal – mining, smelting, and forging. It’s clever but not so far off the wall that I think it would confuse users. They are a design agency that starts with digital strategies and does not shy away from SEO (thank goodness).

This website has really great use of animation. The website felt like it was “alive”. The animation was not annoying, but it actually added to the experience. The slight movement when you scrolled though the team showed this brilliant design. Clicking to the portfolio reminded me of a transition from a movie or great slide show. 

Not that I have bad eyes or would complain, the copy on the website was awfully small – in comparison to other sites. I was slightly confused by the mobile navigation menu. It looked like it had multiple about pages, service pages, etc… They do seem to go against the common standards. They decided to have the navigation bar on the bottom of the page. They use “x” though out the design and you often think you can hit the “x” to close out sections. I would change this.

Overall, the website looks great and their work is very good. 

Who is the Best Web Design Company in Arizona?

I’m not really asking the question of “who is the best web design company in Arizona” as much as I’m asking, “what the heck, Google?”. It was very evident that Google Business Profile sent me some of the worst websites out of the 12 that I reviewed. Either the spammers are hard at work or Google’s quality team took the day off.

But maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on Google. At least they didn’t recommend a site that was full of Lorem Ipsum (looking at you DuckDuck Go!). Honestly, since Arizona is full of some major cities like Phoenix – which likely have some great creative agencies – there are also plenty of lead generation sites, spammers, and frauds. I guess the beauty of Alabama and Alaska is the population is lower and these states are less attractive for the black hats.

The results were easily the best triad. The designs and work all seemed top notch. Even though IVIO, Blacksmith, and Sher were good – Avenue 25 seemed to be my favorite. There’s certainly a reason that their META description touts they are “Voted the Best Phoenix Web Design Company”.

If it means anything, Eric Hersey votes you the “Best in All of Arizona”.

What I Learned from Browsing Arizona Web Design Websites?

First thing, Arizona is a prime target to crap websites ranking because of tricky SEO firms. If I wanted to break my rules, I would have kept looking and probably audited and reviewed 5-10 more.

The good ones I found were quite better (and on par) with the best sites I found in Alaska and Alabama.

Unlike in Alaska, there were several awesome designs and ideas I would love to incorporate into Eric Hersey Web Design.

There were a also a few things I was reminded:

  • It helps if you mention what platform you are using. Even if you build custom sites, let us know.
  • The more research I do, the less likely I am trusting a company that doesn’t show an owners (or employees) face.
  • Even if the website is bad, I respect the companies that list price a lot more.

I feel like the small businesses of Arizona have it hard. They have to be savvy enough to know if a company is real or not. It almost feels like you will have to make calls to nearly every company to either get a price or see if they are really in Arizona. That kind of sucks, but a little effort on the frontend will help you in the long run.

Does Having a Local Arizona Web Design Company Matter?

Do I think you need an Arizona Web Design Company to build you a website if you live or work in Arizona?

Probably not.

Do I think you should just hire a West Virginia Web Design Company? No.

But, if you get sick and tired of searching through websites and making phone calls to get prices, at least this Web Designer in Wheeling, West Virginia will give you some transparency. We might not know exactly what it’s like to live and work in Arizona, but if you want to open up your calendar for some conversations, we can make it work.

Most of the time it doesn’t matter where you get your website made. It really just matters that the designer and agency understands your goals and your target market.

If you want an experts opinion on a different local Arizona Web Design Company, shoot us a message.

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Eric Hersey

Eric Hersey is a Wheeling Web Designer and Digital Marketing Specialist that has been working building websites for small businesses since 1999. He has been reviewing other web design company websites as part of his own going series (A-Z) to seek inspiration and also help brands from across the US find reputable, quality Web Design Firms and Agencies.