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When I do my Focus of the Month research, I listen to dozens of podcasts. I start like any normal human and search the keyword in my podcast platform. Then I download every episode related to the topic. I start listening, take notes, move to the next episode, take notes, and so on. I listened to a total of 20 podcasts and nearly half all featured Martha van Berkel. She must be the Schema Queen.

Who is Martha van Berkel?

Martha van Berkel is a Schema App co-founder. Schema App is a platform that helps end-users implement structured data on their website, without needing to learn code or be a developer.

Martha also indexes as an author for BrightLocal – an SEO tool for local businesses. She is also a co-founder of Hunch Manifest, a semantic marketing agency. Most importantly, she is a brand advocate for Schema Markup and hit up the Podcast circuit to increase our knowledge and awareness in schema markup.

The SEO Podcast Community

In the Ohio Valley, I have to fight every day to inform business owners and the general public that SEO is a thing. I doubt this is a problem in many of the cities across America. This is a great opportunity for me (being one of the few local SEO companies), but also a challenge to create my market.

Luckily I can piggyback off of some really smart individuals. Hundreds of SEO companies understand that podcast is a viable way to build their business and brand. This is why we have 50+ high-quality SEO podcasts to subscribe to. I follow many of the content creators on Twitter and absolutely love the generosity of the SEO community. They are forever sharing tips, tricks, and strategies. I think we all understand we are competitors but ultimately we just want the best product to show up #1.

Martha van Berkel hit the SEO podcast community hard. I didn’t search for her name, but I’m pretty sure the search algorithm thought she was a synonym for Schema. After listening to one interview, I was really impressed and wanted more.

Martha seemed to pull new nuggets into each podcast she was on – so today I am going to recommend THEM ALL! I feel you have a better understanding of what Schema is from the last two weeks episodes: Schema Markup and Defining Schema Markup. I think you are ready for a hodge-podge of information.

List of Podcasts About Schema App featuring Martha van Berkel

In no particular order, here is a list of quality interviews and direct links.

The SiteVisibility Internet Marketing Podcast

Why Schema Markup is a Pivotal SEO Strategy For 2020: Interview with Martha Van Berkel

SEO Podcast - SiteVisibility with Martha van Berkel

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The Page 2 Podcast: An SEO Podcast

#37: Martha van Berkel

SEO Podcast - Page 2 Martha van Berkel

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Lunch Hour Legal Marketing

Optimizing SEO with Schema Markup

SEO Podcast - Legal Talk Network with Martha van Berkel

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Local Marketing Institute Podcast

How Schema Markup Improves Your Local SEO

SEO Podcast - Local Marketing Institute with Martha van Berkel

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Search Talk Live Search Engine Marketing & SEO Podcast

The Future of Schema Markup With Martha Van Berkel of CEO of Schema App

SEO Podcast - Search Talk Live Martha van Berkel

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Craig Campbell’s Digital Marketing Podcast

Use to add your Schema Markup

SEO Podcast - Martha van Berkel

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Ending the Interviews

If you carved out a few hours and listened to the six recommendations – I think you are:

  • Signing up for Schema App (or)
  • Learning how to implement Schema on your website manually

One thing is for sure, you realize the power of Schema – and Martha is the Queen of Schema.