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When I first discovered (or rediscovered) WordPress, I started to understand the power of a Content Management System and the versatility of a platform with a developer community. In 2013, I had the chance to make two eCommerce stores without a CMS (see Black Diamond Wrestling and Bombshell Hair Extensions). I learned that I could make pretty, fast shops using just code and databases – but it wasn’t easy for the client. Thanks to WordPress and WooCommerce, I can make web stores that are pretty, fast, and easy to update.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an application (plugin) that is used in conjunction with WordPress so you can easily sell items online. You find the plugin for free on the WordPress repository. After you download the plugin, you can activate and set up the preferences within 10-15 minutes.

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It often pulls in all of the themes and characteristics of your website (colors, fonts, and design) so that it looks like an organic section of your site. The beauty in the plugin (besides being super easy to set up) is the ability to easily customize the layout and style. Granted, this is the job of a web designer or someone with some CSS (cascading style sheets) experience – but a few YouTube or LinkedIn Learning courses can get you a long way.

There are also additional plugins made by developers to add features to the base WooCommerce plugin. Instead of paying a developer a few hundred/thousand dollars to find you a customized solution, you can pay a subscription or one-time fee and have it already done. This makes this plugin super powerful.

Did I also mention it is free?

The Premise of Post Status Draft Podcast

Yes, this recommendation really applies if you are currently using WordPress for your website. Luckily, there is a large percentage of users on the internet using WordPress. This is also why I can easily find podcasts talking about WordPress. The Post Status Podcast is one of them.

I found the Post Status Podcast while I was going through my “Learn Everything about WordPress” phase. Although the podcast can be a little technical at times, it is still a good listen for anyone that dabbles in WordPress.

Post Status is dedicated to informing WordPress professionals and enthusiasts about the industry.

Post Status provides top tier industry analysis, an excellent community chat for WordPress professionals, a high-quality WordPress job board, exclusive deals for our subscribers, and more. Learn more about the Post Status Club.

Our goal is to cater to people that know and love WordPress, so they can do what they do better and more informed.

About on poststatus.com

This is a podcast that I subscribe to. Like all podcasts in my inbox, I tend to sample all of the episodes but only listen if I find myself interested or needing to know more about that topic. Some episodes don’t make it to the final second. No hard feelings, podcasts.

  • Post Status Join the Club 99 bucks
  • Post Status Member Deals - WooCommerce included

Why Did I Pick a Podcast about WooCommerce?

If WordPress websites make up a huge chunk of the internet, then WooCommerce is also going to be a major factor for years to come. I know from experience that the platform is easy and flexible. Also, considering most websites I make for clients use WordPress, it is my preferred eCommerce platform (even though many people love Shopify).

I was fair though. I selected another podcast that reviews the differences (pros/cons) of WooCommerce and Shopify. The hosts discuss the following:

  • Support and Control of WooCommerce
  • The resale value of WordPress/WooCommerce website
  • Add-ons for WooCommerce and pricing concerns
  • Flexibility in payment options

The Podcast: WooCommerce vs. Shopify: A battle for eCommerce platform dominance

Yes, this is pretty technical. Don’t worry about understanding everything – but just listen to some of the differences between the platforms. More than likely you will want a developer to help setup (or you will understand most of the jargon.)

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